Start earning Passive Rewards by STAKING SXA NFT


A powerful brand for our community that doesn’t just represents a profile art, but a Generative Reward Eco-cycle (GRE) through its true utilisation of blockchain evolution.

  • Earn $SXA Token by simply Staking
  • 30% Royalty held for Giveaways
  • 30% Royalty held in DAO
  • 3D Airdrop of Gen 2 collection
  • Exclusive entry to MetaPlanet
  • Metaverse land share
Lunar Ape
Lunar Role holders will benefit from;
Earning 20% Royalty from Gen 1 + 20% Royalty from Gen 2 if they meet the Lunar Role criteria below (The combined pot must be 30 SOL+ before the distribution cycle is activated)
Qualification Rule:
  • Must hold both Gen1 Runners Role (3+) + Gen 2 Defenders Role (1+)
  • Must have delisted and staked them for the full 30 day period prior to claim
  • Defenders holding at least 1 in either Gen1 or Gen2 will automatically qualify for Staking rewards + Holders Giveaways.
Stellar Ape

SXL (Space X Labs) will be a universal hub for Artists and Project leaders where they get dedicated support from the SXL team in facilitating the upcoming launch of their NFT project.

30% of total revenue earned from all services on SXL will be shared with STELLAR role holders and above.
Qualification Rule:
  • Must hold both Gen1 Keepers Role (5+) + Gen 2 Runners Role (3+).
  • Must have delisted and staked them for the full 30 day period prior to claim.
  • Stellar Apes will also automatically qualify to share other benefits as Lunar Apes.
Galactic Ape
SXA will be launching an exclusive IDO Pool where $100,000 from the 3D Mint proceeds will be staked on some of the major IDO Launchpads in order to have guaranteed investment opportunities for the upcoming crypto / NFT projects.
Each month the IDO Pool will participate in around 10-15 projects. Verified holders who staked the Apes for at least 30 day period will qualify to share the monthly distribution based on their combined holding of Gen 1 and Gen 2 collection.
Monthly investments will be accumulated via 20% royalty share from Gen 1 & Gen2 exclusive to Galactic IDO Pool, making it a self-sustainable investment pool.
The IDO Pool will start investing with $20,000 which will be committed by the team in the first month right after the Gen2 launch.

Space X Yoda will act as a KEY in gaining access to a secret location in SXA Metaverse on


SXA Roadmap 2.0

Phase 1


  •  Creation of 2,222 SpaceXApes (SXA) in SpaceX Labs by De.General Musk.
  • Discord and Socials deployment to start building our platoon. 
  • Website Launch.
  • Marketing campaigns across major NFT platforms via promoted spots to gain wider awareness and visibility.


Phase 2


  •  Mint to Earn - Each Mint will automatically enter holders in a raffle to win prizes in SOL. Check details in Discord pre mint.
  • Listing on secondary marketplace including Magic Eden, Solsea and potentially Solanart right after mint.
  • Rarity will also be available within 6-12 hrs via Rarity Sniper or RarityMon once the minting phase is over.
Phase 3


  • Verified Holder DAO allowing unique space for verified holders.
  • Community Funds
    - 60% will be held in community wallet to help maintain the flight to orbit where verified holders decide and vote on the usage of funds.
    - 40% will go to the creator.



Phase 4


  • Staking Portal to go live for SXA holders. 
  • $SXA Token to be deployed and be integrated within Staking platform.



Phase 5


  • A 3D version of SXA to be made available for each verified holder who is holding Gen 1 SXA NFT. The remaining supply will be available for public sale.



Phase 6


  • Space X Labs- Team expansion and development of SXL dapps  for creators to launch their upcoming NFT projects.
  • Whitepaper- Official launch of SXA Whitepaper.


Phase 7


  • Expansion on further utilities by introducing  Auction/Raffle portal allowing members to use $SXA token to participate in multiple rounds.
  • Breeding/Missions dapp development allowing holders to take on a new challenge and add more value to their existing holdings.


Phase 8


  • Solice Metaverse - SXA holders will have the opportunity to own a share of Land we are going to purchase on Solice Metaverse in order to create our MetaPlanet. Holder of both SXA Gens will only qualify for the land share. Holders of this share will receive exclusive income % from each transaction that happens on the MetaPlanet.
Phase 9


  • Gaming Base - Holders will have free access to the Challenge Arena. Here verified holders will be able to participate in different challenges and earn rewards. Users will be able to purchase various add-ons to boost their levels and earn greater rewards.


Meet the Team 


We have a dedicated  management & development team with years of experience in their  relevant roles. It's super important for us to ensure the longevity of the project and therefore we are well equipped to support its growth. 

Co Founder / Lead Artist

"Known for his creative mindset. De.General is a Software engineer and a Character illustrator with over 8 years of experience. His passion and energy is the perfect formula needed to progress through various phases of this project. He was one of the first concept initiator and with his tech experience was able to provide an effective transition from concept to actualisation phase of various milestones reached within the project."

Co Founder / Tech Lead

"Phoenix's experience evolves around providing Tech lead infrastructural and financial modelling support for one of the top 5 UK-based retail brands. He fell in love with Blockchain technology 4 years ago and has never looked back. As a co-founder he is the powerhouse providing leads and managing core foundational strategies in order to consistently develop the projects future."



Full Stack Developer

"With over 5+ years of both back and front end experience in coding modules. Jack plays a pivotal role in supporting the engine room. He has been involved in creating, testing, and deploying countless dapps on web3 interface. One of the coolest members of our team with always a smile on his face."



Website & Digital Media

"An aspiring character equipped with ample experience in web development and coding. Vincent brings a lot of cool visuals to SXA eco-system and we absolutely love it. He is part of the creative team working on both front end of web and also providing tech support and management of the social servers."

Community Manager

"A challenger who is always looking to take strides and push the community to the next level. Gained experience from being a project lead on countless Solana based NFT projects. Being thoroughly professional and with a constructive mindset, Exzor is always looking to bring value to the community through his networking skills. He is definitely a leader in the making."

Social Media Manager

"Mace currently runs a well established Social Media Agency. His proficiency can simply be determined with the diversified engagement portals he brings for this project. From arranging cross community poker nights to facilitating influencer marketing. Mace has been part of the team since the get go and plays a crucial role in SXA's social existence."

Best Discord Moderator

"If there is one word to describe Trippy, i would say 'ENERGY'. She brings an exclusive vibe for the entire SXA community. A well educated and professional Mod who had been around in the space for some time. A respected member in many known DAOs. Trippy is an absolute sweetheart and a workaholic. Don't take our word for it, come check us out in the server and see it for yourself."


Collection size?

SXA Gen 1 will be a collection of 2,222 Apes.

72 SXA will be held by the team for marketing purpose. Remaining 2,150 will be available for public sale.

Release date?

08/Feb/2022 8pmUTC via MonkeLab launchpad. We will post the link on our server and website.

Will there be a whitelist?

YES - There are going to be 300 WL spots available. Check server for breakdown and further details.

Price to Mint?


How many can i mint per wallet?

Private sale = 2 per wallet.
Public sale = 4 per wallet.

What will be the royalty share?

There will 7.5% royalty.

33% will be used for giveaways.

33% will go to community wallet

33% will go to the creators.

Which wallet should i use?

Any Solana based wallet. However, we highly recommend using a Phantom wallet.

Rarity & Marketplace listing?

Collection is live on Solanart or/and Magic Eden.
Rarity is available on Rarity Sniper.